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"It was like having had a cataract taken off my brain, letting me experience the world and myself properly for the first time, for that lovely dark radiance seemed to reveal the essence of everything."   ~ John Wren-Lewis

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Zen Conversation

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The Zen master Huike was meditating by a river when a young man called Bimo interrupted him. "Master, I wish to become your disciple," said Bimo. "Why?" asked Huike.

"Because I want to find True Liberation."

Huike slowly got to his feet, and told Bimo to come with him into the water. They both entered the river. The master asked Bimo to put his head under the water. He then grabbed and held his head down! After a few seconds Bimo tried to come up for air, but the master held his head firmly under.

After a little while Bimo started to splutter and struggle to get up but Huike still held him down. Just before he drowned, Huike released him and said:

"Come back and see me when you want true liberation as much as you wanted air just now.”