Privacy and Legal Policy

1. Protecting your privacy
We don't run banner ads, pop ups or pop unders.
We don't share your information with third parties for marketing purposes.
We don't engage in cross-marketing or link-referral programs with other sites.
We don't employ tracking devices for marketing purposes ("cookies", "web beacons," single-pixel gifs).
We don't send you unsolicited communications.
byronevents or people who post on byronevents, may provide links to third party websites, which may have different privacy practices. We are not responsible for, nor have any control over, the privacy policies of those third party websites, and encourage all users to read the privacy policies of each and every website visited.

2. Data we collect
We sometimes collect your email address, for purposes such as sending confirmation emails, authenticating user accounts, providing subscription email services, registering for forums, etc.

You can unsubscribe from the byronevents mailing list  HERE.

For paid listings we collect contact information, such as name(s), phone number(s), and address for billing purposes. You may need to provide additional information about your organization if you wish to qualify for a free community event listing. byronevents does not store credit card information. We may collect personal information if you provide it in feedback or comments, post it on our classifieds or interactive forums, or if you contact us directly. Please do not post any personal information on byronevents that you expect to keep private. Our web logs collect standard web log entries for each page served, including your IP address, page URL, and timestamp. Web logs help us to diagnose problems with our server, to administer the byronevents site, and to otherwise provide our service to you.

3. Data we store
All classified and forum postings are stored in our database and may be archived elsewhere. Our web logs and other records are stored indefinitely.

4. Archiving of  byronevents listings by search engines and other sites
Search engines and other sites not affiliated with byronevents - including,, and - archive or otherwise make available byronevents postings, including resumes.

5. Circumstances in which
 byronevents may release information
byronevents may disclose information about its users if required to do so by law, court orders, or other legal process.

6. Accuracy of information on
byronevents has taken reasonable care that the content of this Website, including travel information and listings are correct. We publish this information in good faith.

As user of the byronevents website you acknowledge and accept that:
byronevents cannot and has not checked the accuracy of information provided by advertisers on the Website; the events listings may include errors; and that byronevents will not be responsible for errors, omissions or misleading information in listings. byronevents will not be liable to you under any circumstances for any loss or damage arising from your using of, or reliance on information provided through this Website

7. Feedback
We welcome your feedback on this document.