Awareness Play

      Join us for a day of self-discovery, expansion and imagination. Inspired by the innovative works of Hellinger, Moreno, Perls, Jung, Lowen, Rogers and other pioneers of consciousness exploration, Awareness Play is light-hearted, subtle and interactive.

It is an opportunity to learn, and experience directly how giving space to awareness, role-play and non-verbal expression leads to insights, a shift in perspectives and greater harmony between people and within the self.

Saturday, 10 August 2024
10am - 4pm
Byron Bay Hinterland

This workshop is by donation.
Limited to 16 participants,
booking is essential.

Reserve your place with trybooking.

Bring some lunch to share that
does not require cooking.

Weather permitting we may
conclude the day with
tea and a campfire.


The facilitator

My name is Andy, some of my friends call me Omjaya. Although my preference is letting the play speak for itself, for the benefit of those who do need some preliminary information I have spent some decades investigating, learning, and exploring issues of consciousness. Participating in and facilitating many workshops I am grateful to all those I had the opportunity to learn from. My approach to life and facilitation has been inspired by Taoist and Zen insights, and the innovative works of Carl Rogers, Jacob Moreno, Fritz Perls, Alexander Lowen, Albrecht Mahr and Bert Hellinger.

Awareness Play has some similarities with Family Constellation, however there are also significant differences. It is more informal, light-hearted and subtle. With hardly any theoretical discussion we follow the evolving feelings and dynamics in the room, treat all participants equally, and allow realisations to emerge spontaneously. It is a gentle exploration of the self as it relates to others, the world, and itself.

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