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A space in which people gather to experience a film together
and thereafter share their ideas and feelings in dialogue.
A homecooked light meal and dessert is available for sale.
In the main, the films are documentaries but there are also
plenty of eccentric and curious fictional films to explore.
Please feel free to suggest a film!



Reconnect to Yourself, Reconnect to Life

'The work that reconnects' workshops
in Mullumbimby, Northern Rivers NSW

The work that reconnects lets people hear the voice they most need to hear: the voice within themselves.  As facilitator, I am not here to impose my views or even to inspire, so much as to open connections between and inside people to what matters most to them.
~ Joanna Macy

What is the work that reconnects?
An experiential workshop to get to know ourselves and replenish our strength when working for change in a troubled world

By engaging, people transform despair & apathy, in the face of overwhelming social & ecological crises, into constructive, collaborative action. People become empowered in the face of suffering to find a new way of seeing the world, as our larger living body, freeing us from the assumptions & attitudes that threaten the continuity of life on earth.

We explore how to walk life with the existence of personal, interpersonal and planetary pain through Macy's spiral of gratitude, honouring pain, seeing life through ever growing and deepening lenses and inspiring each other to start or continue taking action.

"A wonderful workshop at WILDSPACE, the work that reconnects and big picture activism.. I realised how lost I have been in my drama and own selfish concerns,forgetting the bigger picture. Feeling disconnected from life, I sought it out in all the wrong places. No matter how much I flirted, shopped, ate, or mindlessly stared at a screen, although temporarily numbed, the pain still reminded. So did the longing for connection, purpose, something greater than the separate individual I believe myself to be.  The workshop helped lift me out of my own shit, spark new inspiration & hope. I recommend this work to all. Thankyou Juli and Henry." ~Lauren.

We suggest that you check out Joanna Macy's work.
If you would like to join us
please email  wildspacelearning@gmail.com
or call Juli on 0404 636 252

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