Emergence Convergence
Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
October 2018

Ancient Futures
We are actively seeking collaborators - we invite any musicians, visionaries,
light beings and loving families aligned with the energy of co-creation and
conscious communion, to connect with us via this email address.


Here we are on Earth.

Let us address all the encodements, programs, systemic structures & unconsciously-held falsities that prevent us from relating authentically to ourselves. Let us allow the presence of our true nature to speak for itself, unobstructed by what we think we know.

This is the only time we have – now – so let us share this moment wisely.
Let us share this moment in love & reverence for the Earth, in love & reverence for each other as children of the Earth. Why are we here? To learn how to relate in truth to ourselves through others – that is the meaning of convergence. In this moment there is no self to relate to other, merely the truth of relating; there is no relationship formed between the whole & its parts, for each reveals the other.

Let us finish with this fantasy of relating through straight lines! We all are here to heal & grow, fulfilling our highest potential. The Earth is here to nurture and contain us, to support our growth, & yet, as a human collective, we are relating to the Earth from a wounded space. Part of this journey is to restore harmony within ourselves by healing our connection to the feminine Presence of the Earth.

When we observe Nature with an open heart and a flowing gaze, we find that She is alive with emergences and convergences. Tendrils, shoots and foliage emerge as new growths; streams converge to form the river; the colour spectrum emerges from a single source of light; a convergence of sounds in rhythm brings harmony, melody, song. These are living processes, explorations in form. So let us emerge into convergence. And let us converge, in communion, and discover what form of ourselves emerges.

A seed germinates, sown in fertile earth, sending forth its new sprout. New cells rapidly budding, merging and multiplying, forming all the swift connections necessary for rapid growth.

In this process, the interrelationships formed give charge to the emergence of latent, inner potential; what emerges, sprouts, moves in rapid growth is precisely what we have been holding within ourselves. Something has been within us and around us, which is why you have received this message.

We are connected inextricably in an interdependent process. We are here to grow alongside each other, to support one another in a field of emergent growth. This is one meaning of Convergence. Now we can delineate specifics. From October 10th to 20th, 2018, on the island of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, we are seeding a Convergence.

We are aligning ourselves with that which is emergent; the ineffable, invisible rate of growth that resolves the fulfillment of our highest potential. It occurs moment-to-moment; it is happening now – and the Presence of that emergence is sacred, holy, vital. Truly, it is the only State worth sharing. What we have planned is quite simple.

This is the most perfect, most pure thing about it. For 10 days, we share space and time with each other. We share healing practices, meditations, meals, music and rituals together, all in sacred nature. We open up meaningful dialogues about the state of being and dance with language, creativity, feelings and movements. And in this dance, we leave all of our concepts at the door; we explore authentic heart connection, laughter on all levels, and the joy that springs from deeply letting go.

Is that what we all are here for? Alive, in form, on Earth, enjoying? The invitation is open. Feel free to introduce yourself. We are actively seeking people to share and to co-create this gathering. So if you have a practice, a medium, a message – if you play an instrument or you are an instrument – please let us know so that we can draw your inspiration into the unfurling mandala.

What else? Oh yes. A few practical things.

On conclusion of the 10-day gathering, a journey is planned to the far side of the mountains. If you are good with adventures, then make provision for this.

Families are welcome. Children are a gift from God.

This is a free event. Locally-grown food will be provided in abundance throughout the event, though we ask for guests to bring a food donation from the Luganville markets.

We don't need you to be anybody special. We already love you just as you are. Let's just relate to each other from a space of ordinary kindness.

The other thing about getting here is that you generally need to fly in. We are on an island, you see, so you could also sail a boat here, but most people seem to prefer the flying option. There is a direct flight from Brisbane to Luganville that arrives every Tuesday. Alternatively, you can transit through Port Vila – there are two flights per day. We will arrange transport to Vwelvan Supe, our gathering site, on the 10th of October 2018.

We can advise you of more detailed practicalities via email, when you RSVP. Reach out to     convergence.espiritusanto@gmail.com
with your loving inquiries.

That's about it for now.