Emergence Convergence
Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
10-20 October, 2018

The Ancient Future is NOW

Ancient Futures
We are actively seeking collaborators - we invite any musicians, visionaries,
light beings and loving families aligned with the energy of co-creation and
conscious communion, to connect with us via this email address.


Convergence Details:

1) Convergence living costs, including land transportation to/from the convergence site in
Big Bay, accommodations and food will be fully sponsored by the East of Eden and Edenhope communities.  

Click HERE to learn more about East of Eden!

2) Locally-grown food will be provided in abundance throughout the event.  Guests are invited to bring an initial food donation from the Luganville markets before departing for Big Bay.

3) Applications for and interest in the ecovillage residency program at East of Eden are welcomed, encouraged and supported.  
Please email us for more information - convergence.espiritusanto@gmail.com

4) On conclusion of the 10-day gathering, an intentional journey is planned to the far side of the mountains.  This will be a two-day pilgrimage through nature, across the West Coast Mountain Ridge, for all who feel called and ready to fully engage in this sacred adventure - including an overnight ceremonial stay in a local village on the way towards our sister location, Edenhope.  Once at Edenhope, all are welcome to stay for a several-day visit.  Final returns will either be towards Luganville or back to East of Eden.  

Click HERE to learn more about Edenhope!

5) A 5-day innerdance energy school (ides) is planned for the week post-convergence.  It may coincide with the rainforest sojourn where there's interest.  This program is made possible through gift culture; it flows on a donations based energy exchange.  Please email us for more information if you are interested to attend this program.

Click HERE to learn more about the Innerdance Energy School process!

6) Families are welcome. Children are living jewels dropped unsustained from heaven.

7) To attend, you do not need to be anyone special.  We love you just as you are. Through human kindness, we might relate to each other with compassion and attention.  The dialogic circles of convergence bring us together in a space of Trust.  Here, we welcome you to Be - in this commUnity of Angels.

8) Pranic nourishment is an integral process towards the survival and flourishing of humans on our Earth Mother.  To live, breathe, and connect with fresh air and a deep sense of simplicity in all aspects of life is perhaps the ultimate healing transformation.  We warmly invite and welcome those within breatharian communities and who have interests in embracing this way of living to join us in commUnion and family.

9) To get to Vanuatu, the easiest transportation route is via air.  There are direct flights from Brisbane to Luganville arriving every Tuesday.  Alternatively, you can transit through Port Vila – this option includes two flights per day.  **The one main cost to all participants is transportation (flights) to Vanuatu.  Because ticket prices will increase, we suggest that interested participants book their flights as soon as possible.**

10) We will arrange transport to Vwelvan Supe, our gathering site, on the 10th of October.  Please remember to include your flight itinerary and arrival information when you register so we can properly greet you upon arrival!

11) The land and space is open for you.  If you are interested to come in the days/weeks prior to the convergence start date, please email us for more information.  If you would like to further engage with the land, community, and evolving processes taking place in Vanuatu post-convergence, you are invited to stay.  

**Email us at for more information**


12) See you In-Paradise.  You are welcome.    

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Listen to a note from the founder in this introductory video: