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The seeker is he who is in search of himself.
~Nisargadatta Maharaj

We seek the nothingness only to find a way out of it...

If you look for Truth outside yourself,
it gets further and further away.
~Dongshan Liangjie

Avoiding the void is the main activity of the mind.

When you resist anything, you resist yourself.
When you accept yourself, you accept everything.

Unless you know who you are,
you can't know who anyone is.

The things you need to see you can't see,
because you don't want to see.

Fear of the void radiates through
all of our choices and desires.

Your unfreedom is made of
rejection and avoidance.

Crystal Cascades

The state of self-realisation is an effortless state.
Stress, tension, anxiety are expressions of the effort
to remain un-selfrealised.


The negation of nothingness is reflected in the opposites;
by clinging to the known.

Desire connects us to the world; fear connects us to the infinite.
Realisation of the self and realisation of the world appear together.


While ever one's personal history remains as
unconscious desire or habit, the silent void is inaccessible.


You cannot face your fears by definition,
but you can face your desires.
This is the way to freedom.


Just as on a sunny day the hand casts a shadow on the ground,
fear is the shadow cast by desire on the ground of consciousness.


Your whole life is the history of your avoidance of the void.

Your intelligence is hijacked by your desires.


Unless you are experiencing inner silence and expressing
unconditional love, your work has still not been done.


Any investigation of the mind is incomplete without
due consideration of the opposites and projection.
And in fact it is impossible.


The opposite of your deepest fear is your deepest desire.


Until you are in the state of "I am" you are the captive of time,
always waiting for something to begin or end.
When you are in the state of "I am" you are time.


The mind can be known only by its imperfections.
The perfect mind is undetectable.


Divided mind - divided world.
Perfect mind - perfect world.


Two things are required for self realisation:
Freedom from conscious desires and
freedom from unconscious desires.

All desires divide the mind but
negative desires (don't wants)
are the most troublesome when they sink
below awareness and find indirect expression
in muscular tension and other bodily problems.

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