Free Form Singing Circle Meditation

907 The Pocket Road, The Pocket, NSW
Contact Sambodh to confirm: 04 3784 5279

Singing Circle

Every Saturday, 10.30am to Noon

Time to stop fussing around that nest on the ground,
take to stop calling to each other across the forest
and sing with us in our circle. Hurtle down from the sky
into our social meditation of about one hour long, during which
we sit in circle, eyes shut, to share, explore, discover
our own sounds and finally merge into silence.

Beginning with HUMMING,
$8 donation

    The mind is a habit. Even if there are moments when the heart is singing and the whole being is full of joy, the mind cannot leave its old habits. It will certainly ask what is happening. Can't you allow things to happen without asking why? what? Do you understand why we ask such questions? The mind asks these questions because it is scared and therefore wants to control your lifestyle, it wants to know everything that is going on. Nothing should happen which is beyond it; everything should be in its control. The mind is a great controller. And if everything remains in its control, it will be a tragedy because nothing great can happen to you.