The Rainbow Temple
Residential Spiritual Community

Some people build fabulous homes for themselves. Others design their living spaces as informal retreats for celebration, healing and inspiration. The Rainbow Temple in Northern NSW is Guy Feldmann’s extraordinary love offering to humanity.

The Rainbow Temple is located in the hills half an hour from Byron Bay. It is embraced by a re-growth forest full of snakes, lizards, insects, birds, possums, wallabies and koalas.

The Rainbow Temple is primarily a meeting place for people from all walks and paths. It is a place of celebration, of healing and inspiration. It is and shall always be a work in progress... a continuance of becoming, reflective of the soul of human progress.










The Rainbow Temple in its design creates an energy of balance between the forces of Yin and Yang. A respectful, a loving and mutually inspiring dance of the opposites. It is a symbolic and real platform of change moving man and woman into their own unique harmonic convergence of duality into the one.














The Rainbow Temple is a five storey Pagoda based on the ancient and latterly-known sign - the Star of David. On Easter Sunday 1981, full moon in Libra, Jewish Passover - the 13 poles for the Temple were selectively placed and rammed into the ground with a 12 metre diameter for the hexagon.



Now, thirty years later it is nearly finished structurally, and it has recently been complemented by a beautiful performing stage. Visually and vibrationally the Rainbow Temple has the exquisite presence and aura of the energetic oneness of nature.

Most people on arrival have the sense of almost immediately "being at home" and then they relax into being themselves. In this atmosphere conversation, storytelling, yoga, meditation, massage, toning, music and the enjoyment of fresh delicious food prevails.



Humanity is finding itself at the periphery of its long and ancient journey from the beginning of creation. The journey has taken us through millions of years of evolution to the forms we know now as man and woman, complemented by a heavenly garden of flora and fauna - all equally the manifestation of God.

Fire, Earth, Air and Water combine in an orgy of creative impulses within the matrix of uniqueness and oneness. Now that we have the knowledge that we ARE all one in the divine spirit of all beings, then we can now move truly beyond our ignorance and fears to a joyous celebration of life.

- IMPORTANTLY REMEMBERING - "Before enlightenment - chop wood, carry water - after enlightenment - chop wood, carry water."



We must create together consciously and emphatically, a home on Earth
allowing us to spend the next phase of eternity forever exploring the infinite dimensions of God, the Self of which we are.


Om shanti

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