Wu Wei

The Taoist view recognises that the Universe, the Absolute is already harmonious according to its own ways; and Wu Wei is the art of awareness, of not interfering, of being in alignment with this harmony.

Wu Wei is the flow of life in the realisation that opposing sides transform into each other. Wu Wei has a yielding quality, like water it follows the will of the terrain.

The literal translation of Wu Wei is "without action", acting in such a subtle way, so well in accordance with the overall nature of things, that there is hardly a trace of having done the action.

"Whatever is to be made to fall, first must be raised.
If you want to become whole, let yourself become broken.
If you want to become straight, let yourself become twisted.
If you want to become full, let yourself become empty."
~ Tao

"The faster they hurry, the slower they go,
and clinging cannot be limited;
to be attached to enlightenment is to go astray."
~ Hsin Hsin Ming    

Keep breathing, allow your body and stick to the truth. Deep inside refuse to run. Longing and loss and fear of the future will give way to reality and the self.

For the liberation we seek is revealed not in victory, not when we prevail but when we find ourselves defeated.

See, all things howsoever they flourish, return to the source from which they grew. For the timeless net has been cast wide, coarse are its meshes, yet nothing slips through.

The Void is real and it is not separate from me. Facing all fears and the loss of all, the illusory difference between life and death, between being and non-being dissolved; I have emerged into the silent bliss of reality.

Resting in the silence of infinite beingness, free from desire and sorrow; I am the serene self. Free of all fear and bondage, I surpass both matter and light. I am Om, the foundation of all, transcending maya and the world.

Byron Bay Hinterland
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