Mullumbimby Community Gardens

Southern end of Stuart St. Mullumbimby,
cross over Saltwater Creek at the causeway.

Mullum Environmental Action Collective

“We invite everyone to come along, share inspiration and connect, with the hope of creating actual working-groups to put ideas into action.” Sandhya Drew (organiser)

“There is so much passion and enthusiasm in this shire. The idea is to view from all angles what is essentially the one issue; protecting the life and health of this planet.” Sandhya 

“Living in this paradise it is easy to become complacent about the bigger issues facing our environment. We have so much abundance and beauty here that sometimes we forget there is still so much genuine suffering on this earth and the biosphere is becoming dangerously polluted.” Sandhya

“We have people speaking about and facilitating small groups on renewable energy, permaculture, green school, growing and buying local ethical foods, reducing-reusing-recycling and avoiding plastic” 

Gluten free vegan snacks and chai served all morning. 

Mullumbimby Community Gardens


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Mullumbimby Community Gardens

Mullumbimby Community GardensMullumbimby Community GardensMullumbimby Community Gardens

Mullumbimby Community GardensMullumbimby Community Gardens

The Mullumbimby Community Garden is an interactive facility for the people of Byron Shire – a place where whole families and individuals of all ages and abilities can share friendships, ideas and knowledge.

The garden incorporates the principles of organic gardening, composting, water conservation, energy efficiency and recycling. Creativity and imagination is encouraged with art and craft activities.

The garden consists of allotments where members can grow their own organic fruit, vegetables and flowers.There are also communal gardens where participants share the gardening and harvest and supply charities with fresh produce for people in need.

Mullumbimby Community Gardens

The Mullumbimby Community Garden
welcomes applications for new members.

The annual membership fee:
Individual $24 p.a.
Family $36 p.a.
Organisation $48 p.a.

Annual Plot rentals:
Small Plot (2.4m x 2.4m) $24 p.a
Medium Plot (2.4m x 4.8m) $36p.a.
Large Plot (4.8 m x 4.8m) $

Membership Form download here

Mullumbimby Community Gardens Mullumbimby Community Gardens

Mullumbimby Community Gardens

Mullumbimby Community Gardens

President: Greg Dutton
Mobile: 0411 125 939

Coordinator: Jeannette Martin
Telephone: 02 6684 4876
Mobile:0412 32 2255
PO Box 149. Mullumbimby 2482

Workshops and Courses

Growing Fruit Trees In Small Backyards with Sharon Gibson
Discover how to grow your own luscious fruit in the smallest of backyards. There are many small fruit trees suited to growing in the suburbs including many that will fruit within two years. These include dwarf fruit trees which supply more fruit per metre than a standard tree, allowing more varieties of fruit to be grown in the same area.

Soil Basics For The New Gardener with Loretta Faulkner
Healthy soil is essential to maintaining healthy plants; it is alive with trillions of minute organisms which recycle and free up nutrients to drive plant growth. Get to know the basics of successful gardening by understanding your soil, what it is and learn new ways to improve it.

Propogation For Beginners with Loretta Faulkner
Do you want to learn how to add new plants to your garden and save money at the same time? This course will show you the basics of propagating seeds, taking cuttings and dividing herbaceous and soft wooded perennials. Feel the satisfaction of growing your own plants rather than buying, the joy of planting them in your garden and sharing with family and friends.

Biochar – Is Black The New Green? with Rob Crosby
Participate in a one day, hands-on, Magical Mystery Tour into the world of biochar. Understand biochar’s role in enhancing microbial soil life. Learn how to make it, how to test it, how to condition it and how to apply it in your own situation.

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