Heart Awakening Retreat

at The Bush Sanctuary

A three day retreat to connect with your heart and come home to yourself.

Thursday, 25 - Sunday, 28 August 2016

You are invited to participate in our next Heart Awakening Retreat
at the Bush Sanctuary, Rosebank in the Byron Bay hinterland.

The retreat is set in a safe and nurturing environment to explore your inner world and includes: heart opening meditation techniques, awareness exercises, celebration through music and dance, healing touch, sharing from the heart, awareness walk in nature and silence.

The retreat is a journey of self-discovery, love and awareness and is an opportunity to look more closely at how our conditioning determines the way we live, relate and love. Through silence and meditation, we gain a better understanding of what keeps us from being spontaneous with ourself and others, giving us the possibility to heal old wounds and bring joy to our life.

The retreat is facilitated by
Ma Deva Anudasi and friends, and includes:


Heart opening interactive and active meditation techniques.
Meditations from the mystical world of Osho which tap into the heart energy and bring you into a space of deep relaxation and inner stillness.
Meditative awareness exercises.
Celebration through music and dance.
Healing touch.
Sharing from the heart.
Awareness walk in nature.
A safe and nurturing environment to explore your inner world.
Delicious vegetarian meals. Morning and afternoon tea.

Except during heart sharings, participants are in silence, creating the best situation to connect with the pulse of the heart in all.

The weekend retreat including meals and accommodation:
$200 Private Cabin or room
$170 Share accommodation
$150 Camping



4.00pm    Registration 
5.00pm    Welcome & introduction
5.30pm    Kundalini meditation 
6.30pm    Dinner 
7.30pm    Osho Discourse & Melting into love celebration


7.00am     Tea
7.30am     Silent Dynamic Meditation 
8.30am     Breakfast
9.30am     Osho Discourse “What is Love” 
11.00am   Healing the Heart 
11.30am   Morning Tea
12 noon    Yoga Nidra
1.00pm     Lunch 
2.30pm     Silent Bush Walk
3.30pm     Afternoon Tea
4.00pm     Eyes of Love and sharing
5.30pm     Kundalini Meditation 
6.30pm     Dinner 
7.30pm     Osho discourse  “Love and Awareness" &
                Osho Heart Meditation


7.00am     Tea
7.30am     Silent Dynamic Meditation
8.30am     Breakfast
9.30am     Osho Discourse “Love & Compassion”
11.00am   Morning Tea 
11.30am   Atisha’s Heart Meditation and sharing 
1.00pm     Lunch
2.30pm     Trusting the Senses (Awareness Exercise)
3.30pm     Afternoon Tea 
4.00pm     Absorb the Senses in Your Heart and sharing
6.00pm     Kundalini Meditation
7.00pm     Dinner
8.00pm     Osho discourse “Love and Attachment” &
                Radha’s Tantric Life  (Guided Meditation) 

7.00am      Tea
7.30am      Mystic Rose Meditation
8.30am      Breakfast
9.45am      Nataraj meditation (Dance of the heart)
11.00am    Morning Tea
11.30am    Eyes of love meditation
1.00pm      Lunch
2.00pm      Samaya Love Meditation and heart sharing
3.30pm      Tea & Cake


I attended The Heart Retreat which opened up an entire new realm of consciousness for me.  It was a new experience of joy and reflection in the most beautiful, nurturing and competently facilitated of environments.    (Sasha Graham, Art Broker, Sydney)

Alone, we often fall into the stories of the mind.  But with a group, the energy uplifts everyone. I find these weekends truly a Heart to Heart way to retreat to the truth of the moment and carry it into the rest of your life.   (Rasa Dover, Rosebank)

The Heart is an amazing process to open your heart and spend time and appreciate the beauty in the other participants.  In the past, I have done many very powerful personal development courses and The Way of the Heart is a different type of personal growth, a very subtle beautiful process of opening the heart.  I have participated in the process about 6 – 8 times and I really can’t get enough of this type of interation with fellow growth seekers.  The meals are wonderful. 
(Graeme Leishman, Ear Candle Maker, Rosebank)

My experience of your heart warming retreat was one of the “premium” or el primo experiences of my life – warm, nurturing, revealing and challenging, leaving me in a place of inner serenitiy and peacefulness with a keener sense of awareness.    (R. Flint, Printer, Moree)



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