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Gondwana Sanctuary

Gondwana Sanctuary is a residential community located near Byron Bay on the sub-tropical
east coast of Australia. It is situated two kilometres from Tyagarah beach with wonderful views
from east to west of Cape Byron and Mount Warning.

Gondwana is a mature community with a well-defined vision of community and spiritual life. 
Its inspiration derives from a variety of eastern spiritual traditions, and in particular from Osho
and his vision of love, meditation, celebration and awakening.

We hold meditations, working bees, community meals, and other community events. We have an openness to personal and spiritual growth as a core value, and endeavour to achieve a harmonious balance between the individual and the community. Community decisions are to a
large extent made by consensus.  For most community members, it is probably true to say that their personal lives, interests and careers have increased in importance over the twenty-three years of
the community, but the community life of Gondwana Sanctuary remains a constant presence and inspiration.

Gondwana is an active wildlife sanctuary, the residents having restored what was cattle pasture to a flourishing natural environment. There has been over the life of the community an extensive program
of environmental repair and regeneration, and the majority of the total land area is being progressively revegetated.

Gondwana currently has 14 shareholders - that is, community members who own a dwelling on
one of the 10 residential sites.  The average age of the shareholders is now over sixty.  In addition,
there are approximately 15 guests and long-term residents, who tend to be younger, and who either
live in the Community House, or in one of the residential dwellings.

Byron Bay Moon   

Gondwana News

Full Moon Gathering

Next Full Moon Wednesday 20th July. Moon rises 5.32pm....Campfire for lovers of the Moon, and Such Good Company, Music, Expansive Sky and Ocean. .
See details on Osho Gondwana - facebook.

Wednesday Community Dinner

Community dinner for residents and friends of Gondwana.
See details on Osho Gondwana - facebook.

A Love Song

Manjula and Paripurn have produced a beautiful little film about the old historical Gondwana.
See Gondwana - A Love Song.

Voices of Gondwana

Check out Bodhi's compilation Voices of Gondwana on YouTube. This was filmed at Gondwana Sanctuary, and features many members of the community.

Dru Yoga classes with Yuti

Yuti has recommenced Dru Yoga classes at Gondwana.

MONDAYS 9.30am to 11.30am
Bookings is essential. Yuti 0412262467
$15 per class. or $65 for 5 classes booked ahead.

The classes are held in the Gondwana Meditation Hall, and Yuti is happy at any time to share her love and knowledge of this beautiful sadhana. For more about Dru Yoga (Stillness in Motion), see here.


Dru Yoga offers an enormous range of very safe, reliable and practical sequences. Each one has been designed to improve our physical, mental and emotional ways of being in our daily life. We become more aware of our physical body and its involvement in our general state of being. We also notice which thoughts have positive affects upon ourselves and of those around us.

While all of these outer changes are occurring we become more sensitive and aware of what is happening in the more subtle aspects of our selves, through breath awareness and eventually chakra/energy awareness.

I highly recommend Dru Yoga and can verify the practical benefits. I am one of the many thousands of people worldwide who have been using Dru Yoga for 8 years and have achieved profound changes in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual way of being.

I like to emphasise here that it does not matter where you come from or what state of health or consciousness you carry when you arrive. Through Dru Yoga you are welcomed into the relearning /returning to your original state of balance, good health and contentment in the heart. I am very happy to hold private sessions for those who need personal guidance, as well as weekly Dru Yoga classes.

Yuti McLean