Family Constellation - Gestalt - Psychodrama
Peer Practice Group for Facilitators
Family Constellations Peer Practice Group

Invitation to family constellation, gestalt, psychodrama facilitators and interested students to further develop and refine their skills. Participants have an opportunity to conduct small demonstration workshops amongst peers, observe varied styles of practice and learn from one another. There is no charge and we share the modest cost of venue hire.

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Byron Bay Constellation Community

"As soon as the link to one parent or both is diminished, people lose energy and strength. Constellation restores the connection to what was separated. How is that possible? The first thing is that facilitators themselves are in connection with their parents and their ancestors, and also with their fate, their guilt, and their death." (Bert Hellinger)

"Enjoy life as it enfolds for you, think the best enfold, let go, surrender, if you want it, it will happen just surrender and let go of it, it has nothing to do with you none of us have any power we're all totally powerless that's the great comfort" (Anthony Hopkins)