Family Constellation - Awareness Play

Practice Group for facilitators and interested participants
Byron Bay - Northern Rivers area
Family Constellation

Invitation to facilitators and interested participants to develop and refine their skills, to conduct small demonstration workshops, observe varied styles of practice and learn from one another. There is no charge and we share the modest cost of venue hire.

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Bodhisatta Gardens

"Our hearts remember those who gave us life, those who gave us love, and those victims or perpetrators whose fate is entangled with our birth. Hearts hold tender love and blessing, but suffering and grief as well. The human heart retains ancestral memories of the orphan's grief, the exile's lament, the soldier's guilt, the widow's anguish, the child's loneliness.

As soon as the link to one parent or both is diminished, people lose energy and strength. Constellation restores the connection to what was separated. How is that possible? The first thing is that facilitators themselves are in connection with their parents and their ancestors, and also with their fate, their guilt, and their death."   (Bert Hellinger)

We can trust the body and the soul,
sometimes with the slightest of guidance,
to dissolve hurt and restore the flow of love.

By Steve Vinay Gunther
From ContellationTalk Blog

Hi folks,

I have just finished a workshop in Hiroshima. I wanted to share with you some of the experience.

Beforehand, I paid the necessary visit to the Peace Museum. Every detail of the history and background, the actuality of ground zero, and the aftermath was there. I read every single line, looked at every single picture, every exhibit.

Then the workshop; on the second day, a woman brought the issue of ‘sorry for being me’

Her setup of the constellation was very strange. I have never seen anything like it. The mother and father were next to each other, facing the same direction. Then her brother was on one side, and she was on the other, a little further away, facing in, so it looked like a U-shape, with lots of space. Like a quadrangle.

Her grandmother was affected by the Nagasaki bomb, and died some years later of cancer. She had shards of glass in her body, from the blast.

So I got the client to add all the grandparents. They were also arranged in this odd manner. I commented it looked like spectators lining the streets, with the mother and father facing forward.

It seemed clear the mother and father were facing the war, so I put a rep for war at the front. Now it was a rectangle. It was still very odd - so much space.

Then I remembered the pictures from the museum, of what the city looked like after the atomic blast. Completely cleared. Nothing left. Just a big space. This space reminded me of that space - like a hole in the middle of everything.

So next, I placed victims on the ground in that space. The mother wanted to join the victims, and lay down. The grandmother turned away. The client wanted to move to the position where war was, so I put war into the middle of the atomic blast space.

Now the client became aware of her choice - to be sorry for being alive, and identify with her mother and the victims, to turn away as her grandmother had done - because it was too much to hold. Or to be in the leadership position, and bear witness to the pain and suffering and horror, and hold onto herself. A rep for life stood behind her, and supported her. I have tears as I write this, and of course, everyone present was deeply moved. There were many people at the workshop who were local to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and who had therefore family connections to what occurred.

I appreciate so deeply this work, the capacity to broach these huge social issues, in a way which can bring healing. And for the people who come, willing to open up their stories, willing to do the healing work.


Albrecht Mahr on Culture and Human Systems

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