Family Constellations - Awareness Play

Practice Group for facilitators and interested participants
Byron Bay - Northern Rivers
Warburton - Melbourne

Family Constellations - Awareness Play


Invitation to facilitators and interested participants wishing to develop and refine their facilitation skills, observe varied styles of practice and conduct small demonstration workshops. There is no charge and we share the modest cost of venue hire.

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Bodhisatta Gardens

Our hearts remember those who gave us life, those who gave us love, and those whose fate is entangled with our own. As soon as the link to one parent or both is diminished, people lose energy and strength.

Constellation restores the connection to what was separated. How is that possible? The first thing is that facilitators themselves are in connection with their parents and their ancestors, and also with their fate, their guilt, and their death.   (Bert Hellinger)

There is no causal linkage between practice and wisdom. But the obstacles to wisdom are deeply affected by practice.
(Nisargadatta Maharaj)

We cannot reach the goal by mere words alone.
Without practice, nothing can be achieved.

The Power of Empathy!

Albrecht Mahr on Culture and Human Systems

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