Byron Sophia
Philosophical Group

Meetings every Thursday 1-3pm
Byron Bay Uniting Church Hall
Carlyle St. Byron Bay

Byron Sophiā Philosophical Group means likeminded people sharing ideas and aspirations and delving into subjects that concern matters of the heart, soul and innovative thinking. The Greek word Sophia means Wisdom and can be seen as the personification of Nature's Intelligence, revealing our deep inner Knowing and our connection with All Life.

Research all over the world is advancing in the field of the human psyche and consciousness. Self-knowledge opens doors in the search of the common good. Each of us has a wealth of life-experience that can be shared for the benefit of all. This sharing allows us to lose our fears, our suspicions and power games. Realizing that at the root of things we are intimately connected in our humanity, we ask ourselves "how could I contribute to reaching this common good?"

The Byron Sophia is running a series of lectures, presentations and group dialogues on various subjects of spiritual, psychological and philosophical content. These are offered in a spirit of free exchange of thoughts and opinions. Anyone is welcome to give a talk, sharing what they may be passionate about. It is a nonprofit group depending on contributions to cover the cost of rent.

Each talk, including lively discussions, runs approximately for an hour and a half.
All interested in the "whys and wherefore" of life are welcome!
There is no membership fee.
Donation helps towards paying the rent of the venue.

For more information, phone Celia on 6684 3623

14  SEPTEMBER  2017

How the Inner Process brings about the Mystic Fire – presented by Mark Munro, Spiritual Teacher of over 20 years on Self-Awareness & Mysticism.


21  SEPTEMBER 2017

Benjamin of Tudela, Abu Said & John of Chester take to their metaphysical roads. Readers will enjoy their forays into unknown territories of the mind. "Snow on the Camino Real" is a novel of rare intensity. It brings to life the intensity of living a rich inner life, set as it is in the 13th Century. No one knows where it will lead. But we are made aware that the treasured and mysterious "Book of the Kingdoms" has the answer.
Join us to hear the internationally acclaimed author James Cowan read from his latest novel!


28  SEPTEMBER  2017

Hazrat Inayat Khan , the contemporary Sufi Master of the Christian Leanage, had many teachings on the Mysticism of Sound.  Zebu Anna Parker who has travelled along the Sufi Path for many years and who is also a musician, will present Hazrat Inayat Kahn's vision of the Harmony which underlies and infuses every aspect of our lives. With deep insight and wisdom, Khan's teachings explore the science of Breath, the Law of Rhythm, the Creative Process and both, the Healing and psychological influence of music and sound.

5  OCTOBER  2017

Profound Insights on = THE ENDING OF SORROW BRINGS LOVE & COMPASSION. DVD presenting Jiddu Krishnamurti, Religious Philosopher, Author & Educator, in the "When there is Freedom"–Series, lecture in Saanen, Switzerland, in 1980. DVD (with Subtitles) presented by Gerald Reardon, Krishnamurti Australia, Inc.


12  OCTOBER  2017

Using your Personal Archetypes to EXPERIENCE MORE OF LIFE, presented by Brian Dale, Archetypes Consultant, Author, Spiritual & Psychological Story-Teller and Teacher. Archetypes are powerful personality blueprints that we all possess. Using the positive energies of the Queen, Adventurer, Philosopher, Priestess, Coward, or any of our personal Archetypes, we engage in a full life with participation, empowerment and purpose. Come to find your power and your purpose !


19  OCTOBER 2017

AMITAYUS – Byron Hospice Service. A non-profit volunteer organization that supports primary carers in looking after their loved ones in their own homes. Volunteers often express their gratitude for the opportunity to serve their dying clients – who 'are still very much alive' during their last precious days. We will discuss the Hospice's Service 23 years history in the Shire, its "mission" as carers, its "Last Aid" course at Byron College & the volunteers' training program. Stories shared about inspirational clients and presented by Don Hansen, Amitayus Volunteer.


26  OCTOBER  2017

THE LABOURS OF HERKULES / HERACLES – Are they a blueprint for our Task in Life – our 'Dharma' as Humanity ? An Invitation to an important discussion presented by Celia Novy.

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