Byron Sophia
Philosophical Group

Meetings every Thursday
1.30pm - 3.30pm, Marvell Hall

Marvell Street, Byron Bay (past Sports Field)

Byron Sophiā Philosophical Group means likeminded people sharing ideas and aspirations and delving into subjects that concern matters of the heart, soul and innovative thinking. The Greek word Sophia means Wisdom and can be seen as the personification of Nature's Intelligence, revealing our deep inner Knowing and our connection with All Life.

Research all over the world is advancing in the field of the human psyche and consciousness. Self-knowledge opens doors in the search of the common good. Each of us has a wealth of life-experience that can be shared for the benefit of all. This sharing allows us to lose our fears, our suspicions and power games. Realizing that at the root of things we are intimately connected in our humanity, we ask ourselves "how could I contribute to reaching this common good?"

The Byron Sophia is running a series of lectures, presentations and group dialogues on various subjects of spiritual, psychological and philosophical content. These are offered in a spirit of free exchange of thoughts and opinions. Anyone is welcome to give a talk, sharing what they may be passionate about. It is a nonprofit group depending on contributions to cover the cost of rent.

Each talk, including lively discussions, runs approximately for an hour and a half.
All interested in the "whys and wherefore" of life are welcome!
There is no membership fee.
Donation helps towards paying the rent of the venue.

For more information, phone Celia on 6684 3623

1 MARCH 2018
CAN FREEDOM BE UNDERSTOOD & LIVED? “SHARED-MEANING-DIALOGUE” – “Listening within” to Jiddu Krishnamurti, Author, Educator, Lecturer ! Bring to the meeting a word, a sentence, a chapter on the Importance of Freedom in Krishnamurti’s writing, so we can learn from ours and his Insights to inspire us in this most urgent time of Human Transformation !

8 MARCH 2018
THE 12 CODES OF CREATION – The most important Codes known to humanity. Jain, Founder of ‘Mathemagics’ & international Lecturer, will showcase his 12 new Geometries, based on the Art of Number, covering topics such as the Fibonacci Sequence, Binary Codes, Magic Squares & Labyrinths, etc. Jain taught these Codes last year as keynote speaker at the Chartres Cathedral in France, alongside with author Carolyn Myss, the subject being ‘Mathematica’. Courses in 2018: on ‘Geometrica’.

15 MARCH 2018
THE KINGDOM TRILOGY. James Cowan, Internationally acclaimed author of over more than 40 books, has written a work which brings to life the intensity of rich inner experiences. He will open for us the second stage of this unfolding 13th Century tale. Although there is a continual stream linking the events in the story, yet each chapter reveals inner truths enriching the listener in unique ways. James invites us to sit and listen to what was a Troubadour’s presentation to the villagers he visited, mirroring a time of cultured and religious blossoming.

22 MARCH 2018
EMERSON ON SELF-RELIANCE. Ralph Waldo Emerson, known still now as “The Concord Sage” and, despite his verbose writing style of the 19th Century, is considered, by such prominent thinkers as Barack Obama, as one of the important philosophical and intellectual voices of America. In today’s world, is his call: “Trust Thyself, every Heart vibrates to that String!” still relevant ? presentation by Kate Smorty, Student of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings.

29 MARCH 2018
MOMENTS THAT CHANGED OUR LIFE – Every month in 2016, Gavin Greenoak, Scientist & Poet, presented inspiring explorations on what he called the BIG WORDS, such as Truth, Courage, God, Death and more. He suggested to follow these by examining one of our unique moments, maybe traumatic, maybe joyous, that changed our whole direction. Sharing these ‘life events’ will enrich each other – bring your story !

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Information : Celia  02-6684 3623